Coorg – Scotland of India

Coorg in Karnataka is known as the Scotland of India and all things considered. It is one of the best rainstorm occasion goals in India. We give you a few motivations to visit this great place where there is tea and espresso ranches in south India.

One reason why India includes on the pail rundown of a few globetrotters is its various territory. India has an extensive variety of astounding goals running from slope stations to shorelines and religious destinations to noteworthy ones. However, something that emerges of this nation is the storm season. For four months, India gets overwhelming precipitation in many locales swinging them to lavish green safe houses. One such goal which is an outright pleasure amid the storm season is Coorg in Karnataka. With regards to storm goals in India, Coorg may really be your most logical option. Situated at an elevation of 3500 ft, Coorg has earned sobriquets like ‘Scotland of India’ and ‘Kashmir of the south’. Here are a couple of reasons why you should visit Coorg in rainstorm 2017.



Coorg has a charming memorable foundation


It is anything but difficult to escape by Coorg’s regular excellence that you disregard its captivating history. Coorg or Kodagu has been the kingdom of a few south Indian administrations like the Kadambas, Gangas, Cholas, Chalukyas, Rastrakutas, Hoysalas and the Vijaynagar Rayas.

Resorts like Orange County


Since Coorg is such a major vacation destination, it is home to some fine occasion resorts, prime among which is the rich Orange County. Situated in the lap of nature, Orange County is a perfect place to go through thew end of the week with your family (it’s on the costly side however).

Coorg has a portion of the finest espresso and tea ranches


Coorg is most acclaimed for its tea and espresso manors. These estates make for delightful settings in the heavenly climate amid storm. Envision taking long strolls investigating a tea manor or tasting a hot cuppa as you see a huge green territory of the estate.

Lavish greenery amid rainstorm


A few rainstorm puts in India end up noticeably rich green bounties of magnificence amid storm and Coorg is on top of that rundown. There are couple of goals that give normal grand excellence and lovely climate like Coorg does. Situated in the Western Ghats, Coorg is rich in stunning scenes that are an incredible sight.



  • How to Reach Coorg?
  • Best time to Visit : With the temperature ranging between 15 degree Celcius and 20 degree Celcius throughout the year,Coorg is a year-round destination. That said, October to March is the best time for adventure activities especially trekking. March and April are the favoured months to experience the valley shrouded in white flowers.


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