Mahabaleshwar Hill Station A Place for Winter and Monsoon Season

Mahabaleshwar is on height of 4439 Meters from the sea level.Around 125 KMs from the Pune.
It comes under Western Ghats range , south of Mumbai. Lots of places and points are to visit there.
Like Arthur’s seat , Kets Point , Parsi Point,Table Point, Sydney Point and Lingmala waterfall etc.
And at 22kms Pratapgad fort is one of the best attraction to visit , to drive Pratapgad will be the best experience because the road is very thin and you can stop your engine actually.Your car will drive automatically due to slop till fort.

Mahabaleshwar - Hill Station
Dam view from Kets Point
Mahabaleshwar Dam



Roads are extremely good to from Pune,It takes 2 and half hours to reach the Mahabaleshwar.
Once you cross the place called Wai, your the mountain riding will starts from there with the amazing view of valley.


Roads of mahabaleshwar
Way to Mahabaleshwar




While reaching towards the Panchgani on your right hand side you will see a point which gives you the starter of your journey towards Mahabaleshwar.

Panchgani is also good places and famous for its Parsi point and Sydney point and if you are craving for the tea then in Panchgani’s market you can have awesome tea in just 5 rupees with vadapav.

Cherry Tomatoes

At Kets point must have cherry potato. Very delicious and tasty but yes beware of monkeys there , they are always ready to snatch whatever you had in your hand.

And for lunch and dinner you can prefer Gulistan restaurant for vegetarian or non vegetarians both on the way to Veena Lake.

Moving forward the famous Mapro garden is good option to buy things for home like Juice , chocolates etc.
They bake very tasty Sandwitches and Pizzas so must have that too.

Mahabaleshwar Veena Lake Boating

Take a stop at every visible valley so you can really enjoy the beauty of Mahabaleshwar. Veena Lake is biggest lake of Mahabaleshwar with Boating experience.

Veena Lake
Veena Lake – Boating

Western Ghat

Western Ghat


Western Ghat

Sahaydri Western Ghats
Sahaydri Ghats

Kets point one of the best point with amazing view of valley of western ghat.

Mahabaleshwar would be the best option for weekend trip with Family and your loved once specially for winter and monsoon season.

Enjoy Travelling!

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