One day Trek – Tikona Fort Trek

Hello readers after small break i am here to give you one small post about my recent visit for Tikona fort trek.
It was an amazing experience to be there with my friends – whom they always love to trek anywhere.
Tikona fort trek will be amazing in the season of Monsoon but will be quite dangoroues to climb as well.


Its about 60Kms from Pune city Via – Pune Bangluru Highway – Via Kamset Road.
While going straight to the Lonavala take left from Parandvadi road , let me help you through the google map.


Flag on fort Tung fort    Please bring water and food with you because nothing is available up there.We started by 9 AM in the morning and reach up there by 10.30 AM and  back at 11 AM to the ground.

So around 1 and half hour ride on bike you will reach Tikona Fort.There is a hotel just before the fort which is quite good. Take stop there and get ready for your adventure. Its 1.5 hour trek one side (total 3 hours if no more breaks!) trek is easy but not very easy and at certain level you have to be careful to climb.Once you reach at the top of the fort just enjoy the beautiful view of valley and village and dam river all together.
From the top you can see Lohgad Fort – Lonavala , Tung Fort and Visapur fort.The view is really amazing from top i would love to share pics captured by me.

While heading back we swim in to the natural swimming pool! Yes its Pavana Dam’s water there. Such a relaxing one. So yes take one pair of cloths with you so you can enjoy natural swimming in to the Pavana Dam.

Over all it was an wonderful experience to trek Tikona fort! So if you are planning with your friends and family then get ready for the adventure!

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Happy Travelling and Trekking!!


  1. Geetika Sharma

    March 29, 2017 at 4:52 am

    Thanks for sharing. Very informative blog. Photos are amazing. Well done Trekker Kapil Tiwari .Anxious to see you again guys. Keep going.

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