Travel Goa in this Monsoon

most vacationers run to Goa’s sandy shores amid the sunny and dry winter months amongst October and March when the climate is ideal for the shoreline and Goa hums with movement. By April and May the warmth and dampness rises and the group lessen. The period between June – September is Goa’s storm or stormy season. This puts most vacationers off yet I found there are many focal points, and also a few detriments, to going to Goa in storm.

Subsequent to leasing a house and spending the season in Goa, I didn’t have exclusive standards as I loaded onto a plane to visit in August – the climate report said showers, rain and storms throughout the day, consistently and I had heard that nothing would be open.


Nonetheless, in spite of mainstream thinking Goa does not totally close for storm. Be that as it may, it was a considerable measure quiter than in season time.

Since I was going by alone and knew there would not be numerous travelers around, I remained at Jungle Hostel in Vagator to amplify my odds of discovering some new companions to appreciate Goa with. The lodging was not full but rather had an amiable vibe and was anything but difficult to met different explorers and similarly invested voyagers.

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I think I was truly fortunate with the climate, as it was closer the finish of August the rainstorm was finding some conclusion and most days were a blend of rain tempests, mists and sunny patches. The climate was in reality more damp than in the winter and felt more sizzling, notwithstanding when it down-poured it was never frosty.

Most evenings it rained vigorously yet in the day time there were a lot of sunny minutes and watching the dark mists assemble on the skylines and the tempests move before heading for cover to endure it was very fun.

When it downpours, it pours! Be that as it may, the tempests more often than not kept going just 30 minutes or somewhere in the vicinity and were very reviving after the moistness, so while there was rain it didn’t put a dampener on the day excessively and was a long way from the steady throughout the day rain that the climate estimate had anticipated. In spite of the fact that I heard that in June and July it can once in a while rain for the greater part of the day.


While there are very few Western vacationers, you won’t be the main traveler here! I saw an unmistakable absence of Russian visitors who run here in season time however storm season in Goa is well known with Indian travelers.

Numerous visitor houses and eateries shut down for the stormy season however don’t stress you will in any case discover some place to stay and something to eat, there are even still a few gatherings in Baga, Calangute and Anjuna.

South Goa even in season is the place to go to get away from the group and, while the mainstream shoreline cottages in Palolem are altogether brought down for storm and South Goa is peaceful, the lavish inns offer extraordinary rainstorm rates.


The Baga, Calangute, Candolim extend remains very occupied, particularly at ends of the week, with Indian voyagers and most convenience, eateries, shops and bars are open. In spite of the fact that is no where close as occupied as it is in season time (for me, this was something to be thankful for!) in the event that you are searching for some activity in the stormy season then Baga is most likely your most logical option.

The shorelines in the North well known with hipsters and hikers like Anjuna Vagator still have a modest bunch of the more lasting structures open yet a large portion of the shacks on the shoreline and shut for rainstorm, and when they say shut they truly would not joke about this!


The well known Anjuna Flea Market and Saturday Night Markets are just open in the primary visitors season. One of my most loved spots to eat, drink and home base – Guru bar on Anjuna bluffs is open throughout the entire year and when going to off season you ought to likewise attempt a portion of the more nearby eateries, Anand is incredible for fish and the Biryiani Palace in Anjuna remains open.

Curlies, Lilliput and UV Bar still have a few gatherings at the ends of the week. In Vagator, one of my top picks Thalassa is shut however Waters on the bluffs is open and Shree, Mango Tree and Mahalaxmi (the place appropriate on the shoreline) are as yet open.

Morjim, Ashvem and Mandrem are very even in season and felt entirely betrayed in the blustery season. Arambol appears to get busier and busier each season however off season while a couple spots are open at the north end of the shoreline it is euphorically very and the shoulder to shoulder slows down that line the streets in season are refreshingly truant.

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