Urvish Joshi is based out of Ahmedabad. He is a doctor by training and a photographer by passion. He took up photography-as-art during his medical school mainly as a creative vent to the grueling academic demands. Span of more than 17 years in the photography arena has seen him toying around with the age-old analogue SLRs, point-&-shoot cameras and the dSLRs.  As a public health professional, he has been visiting the farthest and underprivileged areas and witnessing the life in its crudest form. His experiences have helped him grow as a sensitive artist capturing the essence of human life in every form. He is at equal ease while portraying sensitivity of the world around him or the grandeur of the west.


Travel and street photography have always been his favorite genres, yet he has dabbled successfully into other genres too to satisfy his creative instincts. Besides the visual aesthetics, he capitalizes on human emotions and the fragility of a moment in his pictures. Be it headshots, editorials, portfolios or fashion, he brings in his own flavor and experience into them and tries to innovate with genres. His penchant and understanding of color palette and tones with retaining the original essence essentially marks his contemporary style unique.


His widely recognized work has seen many laurels widely ranging from internationally acclaimed organizations to several regional ones. Apart from winning contests in several prestigious salons and photo-forums across the world, his work has been featured at London, Australia, Italy and in various cities of India in various shows, exhibitions and socio-cultural institutes. He has been a part of various photo-talks and an honorary faculty for photography coaching in various institutes like HLIC, St. Xavier’s & Navgujarat colleges in Ahmedabad.

You all can see his work here :

Facebook : [https://www.facebook.com/urvishj]

Flickr  : [https://www.flickr.com/photos/urvish/]

www.urvishjoshi.com (under revamp)

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