Visapur Fort Trek

Visapur is a post close lonavala. Visapur and lohgad are twin fortresses close lonavala. The stature of the fortress from the ocean level is 3,556 ft.


Visapur Fort is bigger and at a higher height than its twin fortress Lohagad. Inside the fortification are holes, storages of water. The vestiges of an expansive stone-constructed house are known as the Peshwa’s castle. Notwithstanding a colossal cutting of Hanuman, there are likewise a few sanctuary devoted to him scattered everywhere. Hanuman was likely the benefactor god of Visapur stronghold..



Saturated with history and a portion of the magnificent stories of the past, this notable fortress was worked by the principal Peshwa of the valorous Maratha Empire. In any case, was later vanquished by the British in 1818.

This fortress alongside its twin-post or the Lohagad Fort, shapes an astounding trekking goal in Maharashtra. A chance to unwind history and legends, the Visapur Fort trek will offer you the looks of a former time alongside offering the greatly coveted rushes of trekking!


The best time to trek is a short while after the downpours, as the climate is a great deal smoothing and simple. Besides the rich green cover that invites you at Visapur fortification is justified regardless of each penny. As we began the trek and strolled along the dividers for the strong VISAPUR. I considered in thought how magnificent it is today and how much better would it be in its prime time. The imperial adornment; chariots and steeds. Troop developments and troop camp – with Shivaji Raje himself standing. As from Visapur one could get the whole perspective of Lohagad post. As the two fortresses are inside striking separation, the British armed force caught Visapur and later likewise assumed control Lohagad post. As i compose my heart out and read so anyone might hear – gives me the shivers. Thou sumit to Visapur is a reason – it will dependably call you over and over.

Visapur fort in monsoon as below,

Visapur fort starting point
Way to visapur fort from base

visapur fort from top
Visapur Fort from top


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